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Summer Nails 2023

 Summer Nails 2023 Summer is a great time to experiment with different nail trends and colors. According to some nail experts, some of the most popular summer 2023 nail trends are:

  • Iridescent-chrome nails: These nails have a pearly chrome powder with flashes of pink, blue, and purple that glow under the sunlight. They are inspired by the mermaid aesthetic and the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier dress.

  • Pastel French tips: Instead of having pastel colors on your full nail bed, you can paint a dainty French line over a sheer, neutral nail polish. This gives a refreshing and elegant look.

  • Cyber-dot nails: These nails are very colorful and trendy, featuring dots of different sizes and colors on a black or white base. They are influenced by the cyberpunk style and the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta.

  • Sheer-blush nails: These nails are subtle and natural, highlighting the health of your nails. They have a sheer-blush tone that can be achieved with a milky nail polish or a nude color with a hint of pink.

  • 3D nails: These nails are fun and creative, using builder gel or nail jewelry to create different shapes and textures on your nails. You can go for geometric designs, flowers, fruits, or anything you like.

  • Glazed brights: These nails are shiny and sparkly, using chrome powder over bright colors like yellow, orange, or pink. They resemble glazed donuts or citrus fruits and add some zest to your summer look.
  • Lavender chrome: This is a variation of the chrome trend, using a lavender color as the base and adding a chrome finish on top. It is a soft and feminine color that suits any skin tone.

Which one of these summer 2023 nail trends do you like the most? 😍

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