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Top 15 Cute Date Ideas For You And Your Significant Other

 If you and your partner have been together for a while, things can get kind of stale. Maybe you are doing the same things every time you see each other - movie, dinner, etc. Even if you have not been together long, it is always fun to try something new. And some of these ideas can really help you get to know each other better.

Cook A Meal Together

Are you a good cook? Or maybe you are horrible and need some help? Try cooking a meal together rather than going out to eat at a restaurant. Everyone does the dinner date too much, so this time, plan the meal together, go shopping together, and then cook it together. Hopefully, one of you is a good cook so you can eat it together too. If not, feed it to the dog and go out to eat instead.

Volunteer Somewhere

This is really a great idea, and it shows you both how sensitive and apathetic the other is. Call one of the local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, or even a humane society - wherever you feel you can help out. Go and serve food to the hungry or help clean cages at the animal shelter. Even better, bring something to donate, like old clothes, food, or toys for the pets. Spending the day helping others can not only bring you two closer together, but it can also help you see certain flaws that your partner may have that can help you figure out that you two may not be a perfect match.

Try Painting A Portrait Of Each Other

Grab some paper and paint and try painting portraits of each other. You do not have to be artistic at all. This can be so much fun and will help you see another side of your partner that you did not know they had. You can see how they think you look as opposed to how you think you look. You would be surprised at how different these two things can be. They might see you as completely different from how you see yourself. And give the portraits to each other. Ten years from now, on your wedding anniversary, you can look at them and remember this awesome date.

Go Camping

There is nothing like sleeping in the woods on the ground and getting bit by mosquitos to get to know each other. Whether you like camping or not, this is a fun way to find out just how much you can tolerate together. If your partner snaps after a few hours of being in the woods and you are a nature lover, this is important to know. If you are the miserable one and they love camping, this is also important to know.

Take A Trip To The Zoo

Going to the zoo was fun as a kid, and it can still be fun as an adult. Not only that but you can learn something. Find out what kind of animals your significant other likes and dislikes. Do they freak out when they see a snake? Are they afraid to see the sharks? Maybe the monkey house drives them crazy. Fun and informative, going to the zoo can be a game-changer for you if you learn that your partner does not like children after seeing enough of them.

Have A Game Night

Do you still have some old board games you played with as a child? If not, they still sell them at the store, or you can get some from a thrift store or resale shop. Or borrow them from your parents or grandparents. Then sit down with your honey and play some Monopoly, Life, Clue, or whatever board game you can come up with. Make sure you follow the rules and play fair.

Try Miniature Golf

Miniature, or putt-putt, golf is fun too. They even glow in the dark miniature golf now, where everything is like a black light fantasy. This can be one of the best dates you have ever had. It is always nice to act like a kid again, especially when you do it together.

Go To The Park

Speaking of acting like a kid again… put on some blue jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes and go to the park. This does not mean to go to a park and sit on a bench. No, you need to play. Push each other on the swings, climb on the monkey bars, or play on the seesaw. And don't forget the slide. You have to go down the slide too.

Play Laser Tag Or Paintball

This is another fun date. Laser tag is a super fun way to spend the day and can be good exercise too. Laser tag is better for those who like to play indoors and are not as adventurous or physical as those who play paintball because paintball can be messy and even painful if you get hit enough. But it is fun and not dangerous if you do it right. Competing against each other is great, but it can also be good to be on the same team against others.

Go On A Hike

Another healthy option, going for a hike, is not only fun but can teach you something too. You can go to a park and make an interpretive trail that has signs that tell you about the history of the park or the area the park is in. Just do a short hike, less than a mile, if you and your partner have never hiked before. You do not want to tackle a 10-mile trek with your partner and find out after a mile that you are about to pass out. It is then a good way to find out how well you two can get along under duress.

Have A Water Gun/Balloon Fight

Now, this is another fun way to play together. This is especially good when it is hot out or living in a warm climate like Florida or Arizona. Grab a super soaker or any water gun and fill her up. Or you can use water balloons instead. Then get outside and play. Be careful not to spray it in your partner's face because that can be painful and can also knock a contact lens out. The winner is the one who gets the wettest!

Have A Snowball Fight

If it is not summer or you live in a cold climate like Alaska, try a snowball fight instead of a water gunfight. This can be a little bit more challenging than water guns or balloons, and you have to be really careful not to hit your significant other in the face because that would really hurt. Play until you get cold, and the loser has to serve the other one hot chocolate.

Go On A Picnic

Pack a lunch or dinner into a basket or a small cooler and head to the park or lake. If you do not have one near you, go out to the backyard and lay down a blanket. Lie on the blanket and watch the clouds. Tell your partner what you see in the clouds and ask them what they see. It is all in the eye of the beholder, of course, and you will probably see different things, but it is so much fun to do. Then eat your lunch and relax or take a walk. If you do not like the idea of sitting or lying on the ground, there are always picnic benches, or you can bring your own collapsible chairs.

Work Out Together

What better way to get to know each other better than to get all hot and sweaty with your partner - even if you have never worked out before? Head to the gym and walk on the treadmills or ride bikes. Walk around the track or lift some weights. Whatever you want to do. When you get done, take a dip in the pool or hot tub. Relax and enjoy your time with your sweetheart getting healthier. Maybe you can make it a habit and do it once or twice a week. That would be good for both of you.

Take Some Classes

Let your partner choose an activity or skill they want to take a class for, and you choose one too—something like painting, photography, dancing, cooking, etc. You have to do theirs with them, and they have to do yours with you. That way, you will both learn something new. You never know, you may really enjoy what they like and vice versa. And it never hurts to learn something new together.

If You Are Having Trouble

If you and your partner are having trouble getting along or if you think you and your significant other need some advice, you can talk to a couples counselor or therapist without even having to make an appointment. In fact, if you choose online couples counseling, you do not even have to leave the house.

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